About Us

At Hero Power, we know the time is now for quick, effective climate solutions. We face an immense threat to our way of living - one that is already disrupting weather patterns, spiking temperatures, and polluting our air. The poorly mitigated emissions of greenhouse gases has led to issues we can no longer avoid as simply a concern of the far off future. We believe the consumers don’t want to contribute to the problem if a better option exists.

It does. Hero Power has created an affordable and easy way for Illinois residents to pay for reliable, renewable energy as soon as they decide to make the switch. Our product and mission aim to fasttrack Chicagoland’s switch to 100% clean energy, allowing concerned residents to spend their money on renewable energy and invest in a cleaner future now.

Core Values

Hero Power was started by a group of climate-concerned activists tired of an industry slow to transition to better energy sources and quick to deceive customers on actual costs. We aim to deliver the best product and experience possible so that our customers can do everything in their power to combat climate change.


We know today’s environmentally-concerned customers expect transparency in what they are being charged to power their home. Unfortunately, we’ve seen too many energy suppliers tack-on unnecessary fees and use “bait-and-switch” tactics to exploit customer trust. We commit to never charge unnecessary fees and promise to empower our customers to monitor their rate and view their energy source.


Supporting renewable energy doesn’t have to come at a premium cost. Every person or business should be able to contribute to a clean energy future without worrying over their monthly bill. Hero Power will sell power matched 100% by Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) at the same price as ComEd’s Basic Electric Service (BES).


We strive to help foster a more sustainable community that’s united around clean energy solutions. It’s our goal to contribute to create a more sustainable Chicagoland by connecting conscientious consumers with community leaders, organizations, and businesses doing their part to fight climate change.


Our energy future will be led by smart consumers making the right choices today. We empower Chicagoland residents to understand the easiest and most affordable ways to use less energy and lower their carbon footprint. As a result, our customers enjoy the best energy experience possible.

Hero Power