3 Easy Home Hacks To Keep Warm Without Changing The Thermostat

Saving money during the winter isn’t only about setting your thermostat at the ideal temperature to balance efficiency and comfort. And you don’t always need to shell out a bunch of money for time-intensive home improvements now to keep cash in the bank this season. Instead, there are easy and quick ways to keep your home warm that you can complete almost as fast as it takes to read this article.  Here are three simple ways to keep the heat now and start saving immediately.

Activate a space heater 

Using a space heater is one of the easiest and most effective ways to keep yourself warm while your house stays colder. While it’s never a better decision to blast a space heater to warm large areas, if only one room of the home is being occupied, using an electric portable space heater can keep you comfortable and save you money.

If you plan to purchase a new space heater to earn extra savings, you want to make sure you get a device that actually works efficiently and doesn’t heat more space than you need. Here’s how to know you’ve got the right product: divide the number of Watts the heater generates by 10 to get the amount of square feet it can heat adequately.  So if you have a 5,000 Watt space heater, then you should be able to heat a 500 square foot room. If the room you are heating is less than 500 square feet, then you definitely want a smaller space heater.

But anytime you use a space heater, you must also keep safety in mind. Learn more here about how to best operate this heating device safely. 

Keep hot water in your tub

You’re going to shower with hot water in the winter. Plug the drain and keep the water in the tub after you finish. The heat from the water will transfer to the air.  The tub works to increase the humidity in your home as well, which will help make the air feel warmer.  Also, be sure not to use the ventilation fan in your bathroom, because it will only reduce the humidity and expel the warm air. Once the water cools, drain the water. 

Reverse your ceiling fan

Your ceiling fan isn’t only a tool to keep from sweating the summer heat. In the wintertime, turn the  fan on too. But reverse it. Run your fan clockwise and at the lowest speed. Your fan will pull cold air up toward the ceiling and push warm air down. This will make the room feel warmer, as the occupied areas of the space will get the benefit of the warmer air instead of heat gathering near the ceiling. Additionally, because you are running the fan at a low speed and clockwise, you won’t feel the drafty coolness that the fan provides during the summer. You just enjoy the benefits instead. 

For even more easy ways to save this winter, check out our blog on last minute tactics to stay warm over the next couple of months.

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