4 Ways to Save on Drying Your Clothes

Doing laundry: it’s a boring and endless chore. But like undiscovered loose change in the pockets of your jeans, there is money to be found in every load. On average, the electricity consumed while drying one load of laundry costs almost $.50.  If you do five loads of laundry a week, then you’re spending over $125 per year to dry your clothes. These costs can add up fast, especially if you have several people living in your home. Here is how to lower the amount of electricity used during each load.

Air dry as much as possible

Of course, the cheapest way to dry your clothes is to let them dry naturally.  By hanging up a clothesline outside, you can use the sun’s warmth to air dry your clothes.  Not only does this lower your electricity bill, but your clothes will last longer by avoiding the damage caused by the dryer.  If you don’t have access to a yard or if it’s too cold outside, you can hang your clothes in your shower. You can even throw your clothes in the dryer at the very end to remove some wrinkles, but be sure to wait until the clothes are no longer moist.

Switch loads while dryer is still warm

If you must use a dryer, do all of your laundry in consecutive loads, so that when your first load is done drying, your second load is ready to go.  By doing this, you will utilize the heat that is already in your dryer to help dry your second load. This reduces the amount of heat needed to dry your second load.

Use dryer balls

Dryer balls are a great way to reduce the amount of energy needed to dry your clothes.  Without dryer balls, your wet clothes will stick together while in the dryer. Dryer balls help to separate clothes while they are tumbling in your dryer, allowing warm air to hit more of the surface of each item.  Plus, wool dryer balls absorb moisture, doubling their effectiveness.

Clean the lint filter every time

A dirty lint filter is not only a fire hazard, but also can cost you a lot of money.  Clean your lint filter before each load so that your dryer runs more efficiently. Doing this will also prolong the life of your dryer.  If you use dryer sheets, you should do more than just remove the lint from the filter. You should scrub the filter with a toothbrush in order to remove all of the oils.

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