Hero Power announces Solar Share Program

Hero Power, a digital clean energy platform, unveiled its new program to allow consumers to support solar energy at minimal cost and no long-term commitment. The Solar Share program offers memberships starting at $5/month and helps fund new residential solar panel installations on homes in the United States. Solar Share helps consumers that wish to support clean energy, but lack the time, money, or access to a sunny roof to install their own solar panels. Solar Share members will earn points every month for the clean electricity that is generated from the projects they support, which can be redeemed for energy efficiency products like LED lights, smart thermostats, and smart power strips.

“With the current pandemic, the solar industry is seeing a massive drop in demand,” Hero Power CEO Ty Benefiel said. “We can’t afford to stop our transition to 100% clean energy. This provides a way for people who want to help the environment and get rewarded in return, regardless of whether they can install solar panels.”

Solar Share members will receive a weekly Impact Report detailing how much carbon is offset by their contribution, the amount of clean energy that is generated by the project, and how many points they have earned for participating. Memberships are free to cancel at any time. “We wanted to lower the barrier of entry as much as possible,” Benefiel said. “Solar Share allows you to contribute at a level that fits your budget for as long as you wish to participate.”

The launch of the program coincides with a sharp decrease in expected demand for the residential solar industry as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Greentech Media, energy consultancy Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables expects to revise its residential solar forecast downward by 23 to 40 percent. The Solar Share program hopes to generate more interest by simplifying the process to contribute to residential solar projects.

This program continues the mission of Hero Power’s clean energy platform to fight climate change by making it easier and more affordable than ever to support renewable energy and drastically reduce your carbon footprint. The Hero Power Clean Energy Program currently offers ComEd customers a way to get 100% of their electricity matched with Green-e Certified Renewable Energy Certificates at no extra cost and no fee to join or cancel. ComEd currently matches just 6% of its customers electricity usage with Renewable Energy Certificates. Hero Power also has a free app that helps customers save money, earn prizes, and reduce their carbon footprint with personalized energy tips. Customers can earn points by reading articles about energy efficiency, compete with friends over their energy knowledge, and find deals on smart energy products. The app is available for Hero Power customers on Apple and Android devices.

Solar Share memberships will be available to anyone in the United States. Visit MyHeroPower.com/Solar to start enrolling in a Solar Share membership and join the prelaunch list to get notified when the first project is live. If you’d like to make your home available for Solar Share and learn more about getting solar panels installed at no cost to you, email Hero Power at [email protected]

About Ty Benefiel

Ty Benefiel is the co-founder and CEO of Hero Power, Chicago’s clean energy platform offering Illinois residents easy and affordable ways to support a more sustainable future. He is also the co-host of The Climate Pod, a weekly conversation on climate issues that features guests like Rep. Sean Casten, Tom Steyer, and Ted Danson.

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