What Do Smart Plugs Actually Do?

Easily control lighting and appliances, better understand energy use, and start saving with this effective home automation smart device

Most homeowners are looking for quick ways to save money and cut down on their energy bills now. With easy-to-understand data delivered right to your phone and simple controls to reduce energy waste in your home, improving energy efficiency can happen immediately. 

This is how smart plugs can be helpful to you. Smart plugs can be purchased in seconds and will start saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint as soon as it’s plugged in. Here’s how it works: 

How to set up a smart plug in your home

Once you purchase a quality smart plug, you want to get it working for you as soon as possible. Luckily, smart plugs are easy-to-use and user-friendly. First, plug it into an outlet. Next, plug an appliance or lighting fixture into the smart plug. Once you’ve done that, download the smart plug’s app and connect your smart plug to your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant if you have one. Follow any included instructions with the smart plug to make sure your devices are properly connected. By using the smart plug’s app, you’ll be able to control the device from your phone. By connecting the smart plug to your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, you’ll also be able to control power through voice commands. Also, if you have an effective smart plug, it won’t take up unnecessary space and prevent another device or appliance from being plugged into the same outlet. 

3 ways smart plugs improve your home automation and save energy

Schedule appliances and lighting – Whether it’s activating holiday lights or brewing morning coffee, being able to schedule certain devices to run at the right time can make life more convenient. Additionally, your ability to adjust these schedules on the go from your phone helps you optimize the process. This can be especially helpful for your interior and exterior lighting options. You can sync lamps and outdoor lights to sunrise, sunset, or pre set times automatically.

Power devices on and off remotely – Never want to come home to a dark house again? If you have lighting fixtures plugged into a smart plug, you can switch lights on or schedule it to turn on no matter your location. You can also randomize your lights by using the Away Mode setting to turn on and off randomly to make it look like you’re home even when you’re not. If you want to make sure you keep cool in the summer, but also like to keep your thermostat a little higher to save money, you can schedule a fan to turn on before you even step inside the house. 

Never want to worry about leaving an appliance on when you leave? With a smart plug, you can just easily see if a device is still on once you left and turn it off immediately and save yourself a return trip. 

Monitor your devices energy use – Now that you are in better control of your home, it’s time to analyze your energy use by device. Your smart plug will allow you to monitor the energy use of every device that’s plugged in and identify its peak times of electricity usage and even its use over time. This level of insight can help you decide whether upgrading an appliance is worth the money. It can help you spot your biggest sources of energy waste. 

How much should you pay for an effective smart plug?

Though prices may vary, you should be able to get an effective, affordable smart plug under $50 per plug. Currently, in the Hero Power Shop, you can get a 3-pack of smart plugs for only $84.99 (or less than $29 per smart plug). Before purchasing any device, double-check it includes the features you need. 

Once you’ve received your smart plug, you are well on your way to taking greater control of your home’s energy use. 

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