How Much Money And Energy Do You Save With Smart Powerstrips?

Even when you are not using your appliances, your appliances are using energy. Vampire energy is being sucked out of your home by devices that are plugged in but aren’t actually in power mode. And this standby power loss is costing you hundreds of dollars every year. It’s one of the biggest money wasters easily identifiable in your home. 

But it’s also easy to reduce the energy loss immediately. Adding smart powerstrips won’t cost you much and save you thousands of dollars in energy efficiency every year, not to mention the massive reduction in your carbon footprint. As we’ve discussed before, there are several different types of advanced or smart power strips with various functions and features. But to simplify, advanced power strips all reduce the amount of electricity consumed by devices that are not in use. Here’s your guide to reducing energy use with these powerstrips. 

Are Traditional Powerstrips A Good Idea?

No. In fact, it can make the energy loss problem much worse. Traditional power strips increase the number of outlets available, so you now have a more convenient way to plug in more appliances. And these devices offer no way for you to prevent vampire power energy loss without relying on you to rip the chords out of the strip yourself. Without making it more convenient to save energy, you are just increasing the likelihood of you wasting energy. Unless you have smart power strips, more outlets = more problems.

How Much Does A Smart Powerstrip Cost?

It depends on the size of the device, the number of outlets, and the features included. However, you can usually expect to pay around $20-$40 for quality smart powerstrips, with more features and outlets included on higher-end devices. 

How Much Money Will A Smart Powerstrip Save You?

On average, Americans lose $200 each year to unnecessary power loss. Adding an advanced power strip can cut down your electricity usage somewhere between 20-48 percent. With a typical price point averaging $30, this addition will pay you within its first years and could save you thousands of dollars in the long run. It’s a no-brainer. 

How Does This Impact Energy Efficiency And The Environment?

The amount of wasted energy from vampire power lost is the equivalent of the electricity needed to power 11 million homes. Since we can determine that the average US household emits about 4,000 lbs of CO2, vampire power is likely causing around 44 billion lbs of unnecessary carbon emissions every year. Not only do smart powerstrips save you large sums of money, it’s irresponsible to the environment not to be reducing energy waste with affordable solutions. 

How Many Smart Powerstrips Do I Need?

Obviously, you’d like to purchase a smart powerstrip for every outlet that requires more outlets to handle all the devices you need to plug in. But additionally, think about smart powerstrips for outlets for areas of the home that handle major appliances that cause the most energy loss. This is especially critical in places like your kitchen and living room. Here’s a list of the worst offenders when it comes to vampire energy loss. Be sure to have a plan to avoid their unnecessary waste. Adding smart powerstrips is the easiest way to get it done. 

How Do I Get Started?

With all the features and different devices available, choosing a smart powerstrip can be overwhelming. Our Hero Power recommended 7-Outlet Energy Saving Powerstrip and Surge Protector is a good way to get started. We’ve selected this device for those wanting to get started now, save money immediately, and get a quality device that will last years and eliminate unnecessary waste. You can purchase this smart powerstrip device here. 

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