How To Stop Wasting Energy In Your Home With Little Effort

Introducing the Hero Power Energy Efficiency Starter Kit – get products to meet your home’s needs delivered right to your doorstep and start saving money and stop energy loss now. 

We’re all wasting energy. Every little crack in the house that causes an air leak, every outdated appliance plugged into an inefficient outlet, and every ancient light bulb about to burn out is draining power from our homes. Every. Single. Day.

Isn’t it time we stopped blowing money, stressing the electricity grid, and pumping unnecessary greenhouse gases into the atmosphere with all our avoidable energy waste? Of course it is. But we can all agree that energy efficient upgrades can be a bit intimidating. Quick fixes may deliver big savings and long-lasting returns, but invisible energy loss is easy to ignore, even as the costs pile up every month. Meanwhile, how do you know how to invest the right amount of time and money to make the impact that’s right for you? What should we all be doing now?

The Hero Power Energy Efficiency Starter Kit solves this problem for you. With the Hero Power Energy Efficiency Starter Kit, you get the essential products every homeowner or renter needs to upgrade now and save thousands of dollars on your utility bills in the process. Getting more energy efficient today will never get easier than with this box that is delivered right to your doorstep. 

Here’s what it includes:

  • 12 Soft White LED Bulbs
  • Smart Powerstrip with 7 Outlets
  • Low-flow Showerhead
  • Foam Pipe Insulation

These products offer you the easiest ways to improve your living space and be less wasteful right now. It’s essential tools that are often underutilized or missing from homes altogether. All products included deliver simple fixes, are easy to install, and will return savings immediately. We’ve only included high-quality products at the most affordable prices. Upgrading to LED bulbs can keep you from accumulating more trash, needing to replace your bulbs often, and racking up higher electricity bills. It’s as easy as changing a light bulb. Smart powestrips can be plugged in immediately and stop costly “vampire energy” loss that’s costing you hundred each year from appliances that are draining power while turned off. Low-flow showerheads will be swapped in minutes and keep you from wasting water and money on every wash. Foam pipe insulation can be quickly attached and prevents you from costly heat loss. 

And once you start seeing the savings and impact on your home, the Energy Efficiency Starter Kit will help you learn more about your energy use and find more ways to save. The most costly option is doing nothing. Both your budget and the planet will benefit. As we strive for 100% renewable energy, lessening the burden on the electricity grid is key to meeting the energy generation grid goals needed to combat climate change. Your focus on energy efficiency will help do your part.  

You can purchase the Hero Power Energy Efficiency Starter Kit for only $100 and save thousands over the lifetime of these additions. Order your starter kit here

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