Introducing Hero Time – More Ways To Save Energy and Money and Help The Planet

At Hero Power, we are constantly looking for more ways to be energy efficient, save our customers money, and do more to reduce the impacts of climate change. To help that effort, we’re launching a new program to find the most critical periods when energy conservation is most crucial. And with your help, we’re going to reward you for lowering your electricity use during certain times. It’s called Hero Time and here are the details you need to know.

What is Hero Time?

Hero Time is hours of the day when Hero Power customers can earn points on their account by reducing their energy consumption. Customers will periodically receive emails notifying them when Hero Time is about to go down.

Why should I take advantage of Hero Time?

First, you earn points, which can be redeemed for bill credits. Save energy. Save money too. But you also make an impact. Because during periods of higher demands on the electric grid, the grid operator is required to start up certain, infrequently used power plants to meet that demand. These power plants are infrequently used for a reason—they often emit more greenhouse gases and are far more expensive to run than other power plants. By conserving during these times, you can help avoid running these plants thereby lowering emissions and costs to the power grid. 

How does Hero Time work?

Hero Power will notify you the day before Hero Time will occur. Typically, Hero Time will occur during a two-to-three hour period starting in the mid-to-late afternoon of a weekday. However, certain conditions may lead to Hero Time happening at other times as well. During the designated Hero Time, you can take a variety of steps to lower your electricity use — adjust your thermostat, turn off some lights or the TV, etc. (see more energy conservation tips here). It’s completely voluntary! Hero Power will then compare your electricity usage during Hero Time to your typical usage over the previous five days. If you used less electricity, we’ll deposit points into your account. It’s that simple. 

Who can participate?

Any Hero Power customer with the appropriate utility-provided meter can participate. If you receive a notification of an upcoming Hero Time, Hero Power has determined you have the appropriate meter.

How many points do I earn?

The number of points you can earn may vary with each given Hero Time depending on the conditions creating the opportunity. At a minimum, each opportunity will be worth 1 point for each kWh of demonstrated reduction. Points can them be used for any of the great redemption opportunities available at

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