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  • Introducing Solar Share

    Introducing Solar Share

    Help fight climate change by supporting solar energy projects. Earn energy efficiency rewards based on how much energy your project generates to save your home hundreds of dollars each year.

  • Solar Share - How It Works

    How It works

    Solar Share memberships support projects that install solar panels on homes across America. For as little as $5 per month, help someone put solar panels on their roof. Each month, you earn points for the power produced by the panels you support that can be redeemed for rewards.

    Join our pre-launch list today and get first access to fund solar projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why become a Solar Share member?

Right now, the solar industry faces dwindling demand and less support during this pandemic. This threatens our transition to 100% clean energy.

The Hero Power Solar Share platform brings a clean energy community together to fund more rooftop solar projects regardless of your access to a sunny roof. Track your project's progress, earn rewrads, and play a bigger part in our clean energy future!

Q. How does the Solar Share membership work?

Hero Power is installing solar panels on the rooftops of Hero Power customers. The monthly lease payments for these solar panels will be funded by other Solar Share members. Solar Share members will earn points based on how much electricity their panels produce. These points can be redeemed for products that will help our members save energy and money. Each member will also receive a weekly Impact Report detailing the clean energy they’re membership has generated, the amount of carbon they’ve offset, and the number of points they’ve earned to redeem for rewards.

Q. How do I become a Solar Share member?

Sign up for our pre-launch list now and get notified when the first project is ready for funding. By joining our Project Update List, you will get first access to Solar Share memberships. Because we will be very selective with our Solar Share projects, there will be a limited number of Solar Share memberships available.

Q. How much does a Solar Share membership cost?

Membership plans start at $5/month. You will be able to pick a plan that fits your budget. Your membership payments will go towards generating clean electricity through solar projects and reducing carbon emissions. You can cancel at any time at no cost.

Q. What do I receive with a Solar Share membership?

Each week, you will receive a report detailing the following:

  • How much clean electricity is generated through your membership
  • How much carbon is being offset through your membership
  • The number of points you’re earning towards rewards like LED lights, smart thermostats, and power strips

Your points can be redeemed at any time for rewards.

Q. What is a carbon offset?

Carbon offsets are purchased by individuals or companies to help reduce emissions and lower their own carbon footprints. By purchasing a Solar Share membership, you will offset a portion of your carbon footprint from the clean electricity generated as a result of your membership.

Q. How does your business model work?

Hero Power takes 10% of your monthly Solar Share membership. Typically, a carbon offset company takes 20% off every transaction. By reducing our percentage, we can put more money towards directly funding solar panels installation, while still covering our costs and reinvesting in our team to develop new projects and advertise these initiatives to create the largest possible clean energy community.

Q. Will I be able to cancel or change a Solar Share membership?

Yes, you will be able to cancel anytime. You will also be able to change your membership level at any time.

Q. How do I know my money will actually go to solar projects?

Each Solar Share project will have a publicly accessible project page showing updates on the clean energy generated. Solar Share members will also receive a weekly email that provides an Impact Report on their clean energy contribution. We will share the following information:

  • The amount of clean energy each Solar Share project is generating
  • Images of the solar panels and installation
  • The city where each Solar Share project is located
  • The total contributions going to each Solar Share project that month
  • Impact Reports detailing how these projects help reduce carbon emissions, generate clean energy, and reduce air pollution

Hero Power will be very selective when choosing new Solar Share projects so we can guarantee this project will generate clean energy for decades. As a result, there will be limited availability for Solar Share memberships.

Q. What does Hero Power do with their percentage of Solar Share projects?

Hero Power will take its 10% transaction fee on all Solar Share memberships and use it towards covering the costs to implement the program and advertise Solar Share to new members and homeowners. This allows us to keep building the largest possible clean energy network and install as many solar panels as possible.